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14U Lab Rats

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Game time for tomorrow was just posted. 11:15 on the South Rink vs EuroAmerica Red.


Drew is missing a white sock probably in someone else’s bag


2pm game correct? Do you want them here earlier than 1?

Alayna will miss today's game. She has Softball at the sametime.

Apr 19

It's too cold for softball... perfect hockey

weather. Alayna will be at the game this afternoon.


2024 MN Meltdown (14U)

attached is the mandatory waiver

Friday, April 19 4:00 PM against MN Avalanche at MN Made North

Saturday, April 20 9:55 AM against WCF Black at MN Made South

Saturday, April 20 3:35 PM against Red River Flames atMN Made South

Sunday, April 21 8:30 AM against Sundrop Bulldogs at MN Made South

Erin John
Andrea Carlson

Anyone know if we play again later or are we done now?



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