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2014 Lab Rats

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Hi families!

The Hockey Lab is very proud of our 2014 team and their championship this weekend! We are moving up to the next bracket to compete with the highest level! We have different game times and look forward to another great weekend! The location has changed too!

Pagel Arena

18313 Highway 7

Minnetonka, MN 55345

2024 Shock Dr. Tournament (2014)

mandatory waiver attached

Friday, April 26 2:15 PM against Yuro Stars at Pagel Arena Rink 2

Friday, April 26 7:00 PM against EuroAmerican Red at Pagel Arena Rink 1

Saturday, April 27 11:30 AM against Central Mn Stars at Pagel Arena Rink 2

Sunday, April 28

Please see the rankings posted in the arena for time and location of Sunday’s games!

Please let us know immediately if you are unable to play!

Good Luck Lab Rats!!

Caryn Chalstrom


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