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12U Lab Rats

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Hello- I told Tony on Sunday, but he asked me to post here as well. Harper will be at Friday’s game and Satirday’s first game, but won’t be at the second game on Saturday (family wedding) and it’s not sure she’ll be able to make Sunday games (lacrosse doubleheader in Monticello). Will depend on game time.


Would anyone be interested if I reserved a spot for lunch on Saturday for the girls/families? Please comment yes with family count. Thanks

Game is from 11:05-12:15 ish then next game is 3:55.

Derek Martinson

Does anyone know if there's a chance we will still play this afternoon?

Hi All!

If you download the Kreezee Sports app you are able to search up Lab Rats 12U and click follow so you will be able to see the scores, stats and schedule.

Derek Martinson
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Welcome to the 12U Lab Rats communication group. We will po...


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